Point-spread function reconstruction in ground-based astronomy
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1118Point-spread function reconstruction in ground-based astronomy


讲座题目:Point-spread function reconstruction in ground-based astronomy

主讲人:Raymond H. Chan教授

主持人:羊丹平 教授



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报告人简介:Raymond H. Chan教授, 香港中文大学数学系主任。1980年毕业于香港中文大学, 1985年于美国纽约大学库朗数学研究所获得博士学位。现为SIAM Fellow (2013)World Innovation Foundation Fellow (2004), 是冯康科学计算奖(1997)Leslie Fox数值分析奖(1989)等奖项获得者。担任国际杂志Asia Journal of Mathematics的主编,同时还是SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing20余个学术期刊的编委。他曾在100多个不同杂志上发表高水平学术论文, 并应邀在20多个国家作了超过140次的大会邀请报告。


Because of atmospheric turbulence, images of objects in outer space acquired via ground-based telescopes are usually blurry. One way to estimate the blurring kernel or point spread function (PSF) is to make use of the aberration of wavefronts received at the telescope, i.e., the phase. However only the low-resolution wavefront gradients can be collected by wavefront sensors. In this talk, I will discuss how to use regularization methods to reconstruct high-resolution phase gradients and then use them to recover the phase and the PSF in high accuracy. I will talk about how the related application of high-resolution image reconstruction.