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*时间:2021年12月19日 10:00-11:00

*地点:数学楼102  腾讯会议:478-982-370  

*主讲人:陈滨 副教授

*主持人:周林峰 副教授


We shall talk about several concepts in Finsler geometry, including real and complex cases. This concept can be introduced form tensorial aspect and variational method, both of them have geometric meanings. The conformal deformations of Ricci curvature and total Ricci curvature will also be refered, and the rigidity of conformal changes and the Finsler Yamabe problem should be mentioned.


陈滨,同济大学副教授,毕业于浙江大学,目前主要兴趣是Riemann-Finsler几何。研究成果发表在Tohoku Math J.,  Internat J. Math, Pacific J. Math等知名杂志上。