Restricted independence in displacement function
发布人: 曹思圆   发布时间: 2022-05-10   浏览次数: 10

*时间:20220511日 1930-2030

*地点:腾讯会议: 389-413-0022

*主讲人:张伟年 教授

*主持人:傅显隆 教授


Since the independence of focal values is a sufficient condition to give a number of limit cycles arising from a center-focus equilibrium, in this paper we consider a restricted independence to a parametric curve, which gives a method not only to increase the lower bound for the cyclicity of the center-focus equilibrium but also to be available when those focal values are not independent. We apply the method to a nondegenerate center-focus system and prove that the cyclicity reaches its an upper bound. This is a joint work with Xingwu Chen, Jaume Llibre, Zhaoxia Wang.