The elastodynamic models and numerical problems
The elastodynamic models and numerical problems
发布人: 曹思圆   发布时间: 2018-05-07   浏览次数: 10







The theory of elastic shells is one of the most important branches of the theory of elasticity. Among all the shell models, a classical and widely recognized model is the Koiter model. Under specific geometric assumptions, spatial assumptions and various boundary conditions, Ciarlet and his colleagues further classified the shell models into the membrane shell model and the flexural shell. In this talk, we discuss elastodynamic models, i.e., the time-dependent Koiter model, the time-dependent generalized membrane model and the time-dependent flexural model, which have not been addressed numerically. We show that the solutions of three models exist and are unique. We semi-discretize the space variables and fully discretize the problems using the time discretization by the Newmark scheme. The corresponding analyses of existence, uniqueness, stability, convergence and priori error estimates are given. Finally, we provide numerical experiments with several kinds of shells to demonstrate the efficiency of three models.