1-w-cotorsion modules and strongly w_∞-flat modules
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*主讲人:蒲永燕 讲师

*主持人:周国栋 教授


Let R be a commutative domain with 1. In this paper, 1-w-cotorsion modules and strongly w_-flat modules are introduced and studied. It is shown that an integral domain R is a PVMD if and only if 1-w-cotorsion R-modules are injective if and only if all 1-w-cotorsion R-modules are w-FP-injective. And we show that all w_-Matlis cotorsion R-modules are w-cotorsion if and only if F_w= SF_w_ if and only if R{x} is an almost perfect domain.


蒲永燕,阿坝师范学院数学学院讲师,2019年博士毕业于四川师范大学。主要研究领域为交换代数与同调代数。其学术成果发表在Comm. Algebra Algebra Colloq., J. Algebra Appl., Bull. Korean Math. Soc., 等期刊。