Strange duality on rational surfaces
发布人: 曹思圆   发布时间: 2018-06-12   浏览次数: 20

报告人:袁瑶  教授 (清华大学丘成桐数学科学中心)

摘要:Strange duality is a conjecture formulated in 1990s, which asserts a duality between the global section spaces of determinant line bundles over two moduli spaces of semistable sheaves over a smooth projective scheme $X$. When $X$ is a curve, this conjecture has been proved around 2007. When $X$ is a surface, there is so far no general set-up for this conjecture; but under some assumption the conjecture can be extended. There is not much known for surfaces on the conjecture. In this talk, I will first introduce the formulation of the conjecture, then survey shortly the proof for curves, and finally mention some progress for surfaces, especially my result for rational surfaces and my strategy as well.