Legendrian duality and its applications
发布人: 曹思圆   发布时间: 2018-06-22   浏览次数: 17

主讲人: 陈亮 (东北师范大学)
时间:2018年6月26日 13:30-14:30

摘要:Singularity and degeneracy destroy the structure of manifolds and give rise to essential difficulties in researching the deteriorative manifolds. Thus, it is crucial to develop new methods for investigating the singular or degenerate manifolds. By characterizing the inner connection between pseudo spheres in semi-Euclidean space, the Legendrian duality is an effective method developed by the L. Chen and Izumiya in 2009 for studying the submanifolds in non-flat space. Specially, the Legendrian duality is applicable for studying the singular or degenerate submanifolds. In this talk, using the singularity theory of mappings, we investigate the topological and geometrical properties of the (singular or degenerate) submanifolds immersed in non-flat space from the viewpoint of duality.